Information on Travel to Seychelles Tropical Islands

For people who dream to be on the beaches on an exciting holiday where they can soak in the sun and enjoy lying on the deserted beaches and visiting tropical islands, Seychelles Islands is a dream destination that offers white, coral and pink beaches. It is truly heaven for most tourists who dream of Fantasy Islands where they can enjoy a fabulous vacation and not worry about a care in the world!

Many people refer to Seychelles Islands as paradise. It is interesting to note that mass tourism is not encouraged in these parts as the people wish to maintain the charm and character of the exotic surroundings. The weather in Seychelles is excellent ranging from 29° to 30° C in the day and 26° to 27° in the nights. You are assured of warm days irrespective of sunshine or rain. Seychelles experiences a lot of rain and the islands are therefore lush green throughout the year.

There are over 155 islands in Seychelles that can be divided into two main groups. Nearly 42 of these islands are mountainous and rocky while the rest consist of flat sand cays or raised coral islands such as seen in the Aldabra group. The sand cays are generally about 3 meters higher than the high water mark. The islanders are naturally worried about natural disasters such as Tsunami etc. However, though they have been hit by a Tsunami, they did not experience anything worse than tides that were extra-high.

Visitors to Seychelles prefer to stay on the rocky islands and the people reside in Mahe, La Digue or Praslin where you can see huge granite rocks that are ancient. There are 2 main islands that rise to nearly 1000 meters, which is about 3000 ft. above sea level and is considered high, as the island measures only about 2 to 3 miles (3 – 5 km)

The people who stay in Seychelles speak mostly French, English and Creole as there are no real natives that live in these islands as most of them are early French settlers or African slaves. The English were the first invaders who usurped the European colonists by fighting for control nearly 250 years ago for control of these seas.

In 1976 this new Seychelles had an identity of its own and was referred popularly as the “third republic” in modern history. There were a few upheavals in the late 1970s and the early 1980s as many coups and plots for counter-coups took place. However, today, this island is protected and safe from such problems. The people of Seychelles are now working towards a unified direction and have decided to forget the past problems. You address a masculine native as Seychellois and a feminine one as Seychelloise.

Fish is the mainstay food that is eaten 10 or 12 times weekly as the seas abound with them. Many seasoned travelers can be heard to refer to Seychelles as the Giant Trevally (GT) of the world as they are able to catch fish that weight over 60 pounds. Seasoned travelers make a beeline for this tropical island to enjoy fishing and catching thousands of different species in the waters around the islands.

Travelers who head to this destination agree that it is second to paradise due to the tempered climate which is mainly tropical. Most people from cold countries head to this glorious destination to enjoy the warmth offered in the Seychelles Islands. This is perhaps the reason why a stay on Seychelles Islands can provide quite expensive. Make sure you can stretch your budget when you visit this destination as most of the items available here are imported and the cost of living is rather high.

Galiano Island Cottages

Galiano Island is the heart of Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada. This island is famous for its easy lifestyle. Visitors can spend their time here, doing one of the many recreational activities. They can enjoy themselves by hiking, biking or boating to those picture perfect spots. Other activities like snorkeling, swimming, bird watching or beach combing can be really entertaining.

There are a variety of accommodations available at the island. Every island getaway offers the best facilities in terms of lodging. Oceanfront cottages provide a unique opportunity to enjoy beautiful scenes of the gulf. The wooden cabins are a great way to spend your time on one of the most beautiful islands in the world. They are an inexpensive vacation get away. You can have an exciting time visiting local arts and crafts shops, boating, kayaking, fishing, whale watching and diving. Galiano Island is an amazing place to relax and dine. Don’t forget to visit one of the fine restaurants and cafes that dot the island.

At Galiano Island you can spend your vacation kicking back and relaxing. You can find vacation getaways that offer stunning views of the ocean. Usually a standard cottage consists of one or two bedrooms that have a completely private bath. In addition to the bath, there are modern cooking facilities and a television. Cottages are a perfect place to stay. You can enjoy hiking, cycling and golfing while staying in a cottage at Galiano Island.

One of the luxurious places to stay at Galiano Island is Cain Beach Cottage. It is a romantic island getaway to unwind your self and enjoy an ideal family vacation. While staying at Cain Beach Cottage you can take pleasure in watching the semi-waterfront views. For those leisure filled days there is a beach across the country lane. At Galiano Island you can take pleasure in watching the island’s wild life. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch eagles, deer, otter and seals while you are staying there. The cottage at Cain Beach will provide you all the comfort you need. However, you can also explore Galiano Island by taking part in number excursions. For all those adventure lovers, there are kayak renting facilities available at Gulf Island Kayaking.

You can also tour the outer islands with our friendly Captain Nick. This trip can be enjoyed in a converted fishboat. There are fishing opportunities at Montague Harbour Marina. Just simply rent a motor boat to start fishing or sightseeing. Other popular tourist locations include white shell beaches of Montague Harbour. There, you can have a refreshing swim in cool water. Those of you who want to spend some time out; they can visit Galiano’s five scenic parks. You can always enjoy dining out at chic restaurants at the waterfront Galiano Inn or the lovely Woodstone Country Inn. There are a variety of stores at the Galiano Island from which you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Other locations where you can eat some exciting Island food include Hummingbird Pub, French country dining at LA Berengerie or simply relish lunch and barbecue dinners at Montague Marina Café.

The Cayman Islands – 10 Striking Facts About the Caribbean Island of Grand Cayman

 I’ve visited Grand Cayman twice. Today is the fourth day of my second visit and I have yet to meet anyone actually from this small Caribbean country. The woman who gave me a pedicure this morning is from northern England; the hairdresser, from Georgia (I admit to a fair amount of pampering); our hired driver, from Jamaica; waiters from Tunisia and other distant lands, but none from Cayman, most not even from the Caribbean.

I live in Barbados, where Barbadians hold the majority of jobs at all levels of society. I’ve always felt that locals give a country a sense of place. If not for locals, I figure I may as well be in an airport, easily the most place-less places on earth. 

However, after snorkeling the pristine Caribbean waters of Cayman, I really couldn’t hold this place-less-ness against Grand Cayman. Each Caribbean island holds a certain magic, including Grand Cayman.

After two visits spent snorkeling, dining on delicious seafood, and walking the gorgeous and famed Seven Mile Beach, I take away the following knowledge and impressions of this small, English-speaking island:

About Grand Cayman

1. Grand Cayman offers some of the world’s premier snorkeling and SCUBA locations. The draw? The graceful stingrays, sunken ships from its pirate days, and beautiful coral. The beaches are pristine and the Caribbean Sea are a pretty light blue, warm, very gentle, and as clear as a glass of water. 

2. Grand Cayman is a fantastic place to do absolutely nothing. Hotels line the soft white sand of Seven Mile Beach. Five minutes on this beach and I enter lazy mode; on one day of my holiday, my greatest exertion was holding my hand out to take my next iced beverage from the waiter.

3. Grand Cayman is about 22 miles long and 4 to 8 miles wide and at sea level; like Barbados it is a coral island, not volcanic. My first impression was that it’s a sandbar, so different from the varied geography of my home country of Barbados. The highest point on the island is the landfill.

4. Grand Cayman is the largest of the three islands comprising the Cayman Islands. The other two are Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

5. Cayman is located in the Western Caribbean Sea, about 400 miles south of Miami.  (In contrast, Barbados is in the Eastern Caribbean, about 1600 miles south and east of Miami.)

6. Cayman was first sighted by Christopher Columbus in 1503. He named the three islands Las Tortugas after the sea turtles. The name of Cayman, a Carib Indian word, came later, after a local species of crocodile.

7. Cayman never had slaves (unlike Barbados, which after 1650, imported thousands of African slaves to work the sugar cane fields).

8. Cayman and Jamaica were governed as a single British colony until 1962 when Cayman became designated a “British overseas territory,” one of 14 territories under the sovereignty of the UK but not part of the UK and Jamaica became independent.  (Barbados, also once a British colony, is one of the 53 member states belonging to the British Commonwealth.)

9. The Cayman Islands have more registered businesses than people (population is around 60,000). The government’s primary source of income is indirect taxation: there is no income tax or capital gains tax or corporation tax. Based on income, the Caymanians enjoy the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. Locals complain there’s not much to do on the island; they tell me it’s a more enjoyable place for tourists (and corporations!) than people who live there.

10. The Cayman Islands have the dubious honor of having experienced the most hurricane strikes in history. Hurricane Ivan almost completely destroyed the unprotected island in 2004; within two years, the Caymanians had rebuilt their country.